Our Story

Tragedy, Hope, Love, and Community.

Welcome To Our Journey

Liberty Way Farm was born out of our life’s journey — tragedy, hope, love, and community.


Before these smiles and Liberty Way Farm there was a story.

Both Krystal Wall and Jeff Varcoe (owners of Liberty Way Farm) lost their spouses to cancer, and experienced tremendous pain and loneliness that they wouldn’t want to happen to anyone.

Krystal said, “nothing can prepare you for the loneliness that sets in after losing a spouse. You can fill your entire day with work, housework and spending time with your children. At night though, when the kids were tucked into bed and sleeping, this tremendous feeling of loneliness sets in.


Desperate for help to cope with the feelings of loss and loneliness, Krystal & Jeff both joined the same online widow support group where they eventually met each other.

They quickly realized they have a lot of things in common which made it natural for them to continue connecting with each other online.


After some time Jeff and Krystal determined that they wanted the same things and had grown to envision a future together; so they decided to introduce their children to each other and become a family.


Now a blended family consisting of 4 children and 2 adults, together they decided to pursue their dream of growing their own food organically, improving their urban lifestyle, and giving back to communities.

So in 2021, they co-founded the Liberty Way Farm to capture their life’s story, beliefs, and passion to serve communities as their family was once supported by one.

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Perspective view of the Liberty Way Farm's Barn with a sunflower image on the door with big tree on the right on a bright sunny day

Liberty Way Farm

Learn about our mission, vision, values and dedication to sustainable agriculture.

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Fresh & organic produce, horseback riding, free range chicken, and so much more.

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