Horseback Riding & Horse Boarding

Book your horseback riding lesson or choose one of our horse boarding options.

Do you already own a horse, are thinking about buying one, or consider yourself an experienced rider? If so, these options might interest you:

Horseback Riding

Saddle up for an adventure! Learn to ride horses with one of our instructors in our outdoor riding arena or explore the beautiful countryside with a leisurely trail ride. 

Our horseback riding lessons are suitable for riders of all ages, so book your lesson today and experience the thrill of riding a horse.

Ready to ride? Make sure to sign our Horseback Riding Waiver first:

Horse Boarding

For horse owners and equestrians we also offer full and part boarding options.

Full Boarding – Our team will take care of all your horse’s needs, from feeding and grooming to exercise and veterinary care.

Part Boarding – This is a great opportunity to experience what it’s like to own a horse, without the full-time responsibility or unexpected costs. You simply pay a monthly fee in exchange for regular access to one of our on-site horses.

Short-Term ‘Stay & Ride’

Bring your own horse and trailer it onto our property for a one-of-a-kind adventure! The winding trails through tall pine forests offer the perfect opportunity to bond with your horse and explore the immersive scenery together.

And if you’re looking for a full weekend experience, why not book your overnight stay in The Cottage and enjoy a private meal or some fast-paced horse racing.

So come join us at our farm for an unforgettable horseback riding experience, whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner looking to try something new!